We’re planning potlucks and orientations to help Asheville TimeBank members get off to a fun and engaging start! Right now, we’re still UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Here’s a video of the Hourworld Time & Talents Software we use for keeping track of time credits, offers, requests, and announcements. This VIDEO is for an OLDER version of the software… they are working on a new introduction.


Video Training Courtesy of Louisville TimeBank

Most are 3 minutes or less!

New to the TimeBank? Watch this! (Asheville TimeBank is similar to Louisville TimeBank)
– Login
– Announcements from members and the timebank (on left)
– Offers and Requests (on right)
– Filling out your bio (Account | Profile)
– If you need help, [Help] button and [Contact Us] button, or email
– Feel free to jump in and make offers and fill requests

How to find an Offer (service) in Time and Talents
– Search (finds people, services, more)
– [Offers] Menu then [Search] for offers within a specific distance
– Weekly email Monday with new offers and requests
– If you want to offer a talent, be sure it is listed!

What are Requests and Offers (service ads)
– Getting more info on the offers on home page
– Endorsements, Emails, Recording Hours

What are announcements and when should I use them? 
– Anybody from the TimeBank can write an announcement (offer, request, event)
– Key: SHORT TERM (2 weeks or less)
– Goes out in weekly Monday notification email

How to post an Offer (service ad)
– Click on the Offer+ icon
– Find the category in the extensive list
– Be sure to enter a description (or it won’t save!)
– Click [Save All Changes]
– You can use Offer+ on someone else’s offer to add your own Offer in that category
– Remember [Help] and [Search]

How to record time credits
– If Request is on home page, click [Hours] icon and follow steps
– If you know you did it for a person, search for person, find her and review Requests and then click [Hours] icon
– [Hours] Menu, then work top down!

How to understand your Statement
– Click [Statement] icon
– Print or email
– Click [+] to duplicate! So easy…
– Sort by provider
– Encourage you to work out any issues with providers. You can click NO for Happy?
– View notes

Member list functions and how to use them
– [Members] Menu option
– Sorted newest first
– Can look by distance
– Click the name to see more about the person

What are endorsements and how do I do them?
– Some offers have “Heart” on them
– An endorsement is a “I like this person, I’ve exchanged with them, they are reliable to me.”
– Click the Endorse icon on an offer or request (and you can remove later with [Endorse-])
– Search for member, select, and Endorse from there

How to use inter-trade to exchange with members of other Timebanks
– Inter-trade lets you exchange with people in other timebanks who use Hourworld software
– Search and scan offers
– Add a new offer and click Go Global (if it is something that “works” from a distance)

How to use the Groups feature
– [Groups] menu
– See if there is a similar group before you create one
– Join a group
– Announce to group, create projects
– Group members will get emails

How to record incentive time credits from the Timebank
– Asheville TimeBank is exploring incentives (not currently offered)
– Easiest to do on the Request the timebank made
– See on statement
– If need help, click the [Contact] button

Helpful hints for GMail users on receiving the weekly news
– Put into your contacts
– Drag the weekly email from Promotions tab over to Inbox tab (and then say YES to do that for all)
– (If you don’t get the Monday email, do check your spam folder! and Not Spam it)